Keeping All Four Paws On The Ground


At All Four Paws, I aim to provide a one-stop, custom-made training experience for all, keeping all four paws on the ground. Includes emergency support.

My name is Ian and I have over 40 years' experience living and working with dogs of all breeds and mixes, and 10 years working with dogs with problems. I use a range of modern, non-aggressive and supportive techniques.
I adhere to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers' code of practice.

I hold an enhanced DBS Check and am fully insured.



Behaviour Rehabilitation

Even the most perfect dog can come with problem behaviours, develop them over time or suddenly change or start an unwanted behaviour. These behaviours can sometimes be difficult to resolve without expert help and take time and patience.

I specialise in the rehabilitation of simple and complex behaviour problems, particularly in Rescue Dogs or dogs where behaviour is having an impact on the dog's welfare and family life. I use a range of positive and supportive techniques to enable dogs with difficulties to enjoy a more stable life. Whatever the challenges I am here to help address behaviours such as:

  • Jumping up
  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Aggression towards people or other animals
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Possessiveness
  • Reactivity
  • All other behaviour issues

All Behaviour work is non-aggressive and positive based, and I never forget that my subject is your loved one. Yet there are some situations you cannot love your way out of, and which need time, patience and help from the outside. I use a range of positive techniques ranging from reward-based training, rehabilitation through play, Behaviour Adaption Therapy and Music Therapy, to Dog Whispering, depending on what your dog needs. I tailor training to your dog.

Sometimes it needs an outside eye to take a holistic view of a dog's whole situation, and balance it accordingly. I am an expert in dog body language and communication and am a hands-on trainer. I will work with you and your dog to resolve your problems.

General and Remedial Training:

For new dogs, new owners, or old dogs needing to learn new tricks! Whether your dog is a new pup or an older rescue, even the most experienced owners can find each dog comes with its own challenges. I offer help with:

  • General Obedience training,
  • Loose lead walking,
  • Toilet training
  • Recall and exercise,
  • and everything in between

Call for a free initial discussion and booking.



Canine Advice:

New dog? New owner? New problem? This supportive service offers all the advice you need from an experienced dog trainer and owner. No question is too silly or too small.
I can help with all the following and more:

  • Choosing the right dog for your family. I am more than happy to visit your prospective puppy or dog in its home or rescue centre with you.
  • Home and garden safety checks
  • Bringing a new dog home
  • Settling in, rules and boundaries
  • Obedience
  • Feeding and grooming
  • Toilet training
  • Walking and exercise - how far and how much?
  • Equipment - collars, leads and harnesses.

Rates and terms of business

Terms and conditions

  • Free initial telephone consultation where I will take as complete a history as possible.
  • All training takes place in your home, my tranquil orchard, or other safe place as agreed.
  • All appointments are booked in 1-hour slots unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking. Each additional part hour is charged for in 15 minute increments
  • One hour is usually as much as most dogs can concentrate for at one time; if we are making progress and your dog is able to continue, I will ask your permission before doing so. For some issues a longer session may be beneficial and booked following assessment.
  • 24 hours' notice of cancellation is required, or a 50% cancellation fee applies.
  • Multiple dogs may be charged for seperately unless suffering a combined problem, at All Four Paws' discretion.


£50 / hour payable in full at time of consultation (initial telephone consultation is FREE).
Concessions: 20% discount for households where all adults are in receipt of state pension or benefits. Please contact me for details. I accept: Cash, Card, Paypal or BACS transfer. Receipt available on request.


26/9/2017 Judith Watts

"Knowledgeable, calm and caring. Knows his stuff".

20/08/2017 Lucy James

"Ian was quietly confident, gave us really good advice and lots of tips. We're arranging a further session.

11/6/2017 Amanda Barsby

"Well what can I say about Ian? Following a traumatic visit to the vets where I was told if I didn't get my dogs behaviour sorted I would have to consider finite care! I was totally horrified and quite traumatised by this, admittedly Charlie had been unusually awful I hadn't seen him so scared before, so that led me to seek out help urgently. I came across Bark to get help, and Ian answered from his quick response and very encouraging reply we arranged our first appointment myself with complete trepidation and really thinking that there is no way Ian will sort my boys out. But boy was I wrong Ian is totally committed to making every dog he sees become the happy dog that they should be along with the owners, he is very passionate and a born dog lover, he reads body language so well, I'm truly amazed at what he has accomplished thus far. Ian's natural and calming approach just works, and has given me more confidence along the way. We are using Behavioural Adaption Therapy in the form of classical music and I truly am amazed by the results, Charlie has severe sensitivities and psych' problems but he is really doing well. My other dog was an ankle biter and he has nipped it in the bud!! So I truly highly recommend Ian if you have any concerns or problems he really knows his stuff!! Be prepared to put in 100% and you will be fully rewarded, still ongoing with treatment but the best decision I could have made, the alternative was unthinkable but a wake up call for sure, for the record my dogs are JRT's Thank you Ian for the fantastic job you are continuing to do with my boys!! Kindest regards Amanda Bertie & Charlie!!"

20/03/2017 Kim

"Ian was very very good and I'm still continuing to work with him. I would recommend him to any one that needs a dog trainer. My dog is a rescue and I never thought we could work out some of the issues but Ian proved otherwise."

30/07/2016 Adrian

"A very talented and honest professional. Sorted out many of the issues troubling my rescue dog in a single session. More to come. Highly recommended."